Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, Awakens.

~ Carl Jung


Why were you chosen to be blessed with the talents you display?

In my understanding and belief system, I was the one who made the choice to embody clairvoyance, or “clear vision”. It was not thrust upon me, nor did it happen by accident or default,I am the creator of my experience and knew that this gift would provide assistance for others.

How did you learn of those? At what age?

At the age of eight, I experienced a high fever which propelled me out of my body and up into the corner of my bedroom. From this vantage point, I observed my mother standing at the end of the bed and the doctor (back in the days of the house call) discussing what should be done for me. In that observational place, I felt no discomfort, anxiety, chronological age or unknowing, and soon was joined by a group of Beings who appeared to be tall pillars of Light. These Beings asked that I come with them, and I did, leaving the bedroom and journeying into a place of Unity, peace and Love. While in this place, I was shown what the rest of my life would look like should I choose to return to my eight-year-old Human body and that at the age of forty, I would begin helping people on Earth in a wonderful way. Then in a blink, we were back to my bedroom, seemingly without the passing of time. The doctor was still hovering over me with his stethoscope and my Friends of Light said that it was now my choice what would happen next. Neither choice was “right” or “wrong” and either choice would serve the purpose of my Self and my Earth family. I looked into the heart of my mother and understood that she could not bear to lose a child, and in that instant of knowing, I was back into my body.

My family tells me that when I woke up, I was eager to tell them what the Angels had said to me, where I had been and what I had seen. From that day forward, I became aware of the emotions and intentions of others, of Spirit energy wherever I went, of the energy around plants, animals and water and of my profound connection to the eternal and loving energy of the All That Is.

How did you learn that you had a Spirit Guide to assist you?

My guides were with me in a more obvious way ever since that day’s events. I perceive them as a Group of loving and helpful energy, ageless, boundless and joyful, full of humor and grace.

How did you learn their names?

My Guides asked that I refer to the Group of them simply as The Guidance. It feels like a collective of those who have been Human in other times, those who have never been Human and the Light of the Angelic Spectrum.

Do you always communicate with the same Guides?

The Guidance feels the same to me from day to day. Sometimes others join in to assist; sometimes the information feels more “Human-like” and sometimes more Angelic.

What do they look like?

Some are formless “clouds” of Light, some are pillars of varying colors and Lights, some look like Humans from historic times, some are twinkles and flashes, some are musical notes and vibrational resonations with no visuals attached.

What do Guardian Angels look like?

These appear to me as tall pillars of Light, some brilliantly colored, some pure white/translucent. No Human features appear in my sense of them.

Do they have wings?

There is the suggestion of horizontal energy around the place where shoulders would be on a Human as well as a glowing golden opening at the top of the pillar, which could be seen as a halo. Within the Human ego/mind, there is always the tendency to believe that other Beings look and act as we do, which is far from the truth!

Are you able to contact anyone who has passed on?

I am able to contact any energy who is willing to communicate with ME!

Do Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides communicate with one another?

Absolutely! Imagine an infinite fishing net, stretching across the Universes into the eternal ocean of Love. Each Being of Light (including us) is a shining jewel upon the intersections of the net. Whatever one feels or observes, all feel and observe. There is no separation except for within the perception of the Human ego/mind.

Have any of those you have contacted seemed unhappy, disappointed or angry?

Yes. Those Humans who died with unfinished business communicate various emotions which they were working with on Earth. The nature of the Spirit is Love, so I do not perceive “dark”, “negative” or “evil” energy anywhere.

Do they ever indicate they would like to be back on Earth?

Some do. Some are content to become Spirit Guides to loved ones or family members still on Earth.

Are those you contact the same age as when they died?

There is no hard and fast rule about any energy I perceive. Some appear to be the age at which they crossed over, most show me themSelves around the age of thirty. Infants who have passed over show me their infant Self being held by their ageless Spirit Self.