You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

~Rabindranath Tagore


As an 80-year-old who has worked with numerous gifted psychics, both personally and in an academic context, I find Susette to be extremely gifted. She sees with great clarity and has the capacity to go to the heart of the issue. Her understanding and compassion bring comfort, and her effervescent sense of humor is delightful.

Lois West-Bristow Ph.D

Susette has amazing skills and insight. She has helped me to see the deeper spiritual lessons within life issues. She is truly kind, caring, supportive and all without judgment. She sees the bigger picture and helps us to look at life with bigger eyes instead of being caught in the narrow interpretation of the moment. She has been an incredible teacher and guide for me and helped me to more gracefully handle life challenges. Susette has also been an excellent professional resource. She gives fresh insight to patients when we have needed more information that could not be found in other ways.I am truly grateful for Susette!

Dr. Zoe Wells

What Susette is able to connect to from the ‘other side’ is incredibly potent truth, period. But how she delivers it to you is just as vital. Let me tell you the best parts about Susette: Humor, Truth, Compassion. She will make you laugh, make you feel at ease, as she breaks down your life. She will tell you the truth whether it’s ‘what you want to hear’ or not. And She will hold a hugely compassionate space as you try and incorporate what the guides have to say. For Susette doing a ‘reading’ is like making toast or like an accountant doing taxes, it’s just what she does, it’s what she was put on the planet to do. It’s a ferociously wonderful gift that I am so grateful to have experienced.
Michael Babel

Susette has been a blessing in my life and that of my extended family. After speaking to Susette, either in person or by phone, I am left with a feeling of peace and a sense of connectedness to the spirit world.Some months back four doctors suggested that I may have multiple sclerosis, and a brain MRI was scheduled. These doctors could not figure out the basis for my physical symptoms. I called Susette, very frightened given that four medical doctors were all saying the same thing. She told me that I did not have MS, and that my MRI has going to show to be “clear”, she also gave me direction as to where the symptoms were coming from and told me when I would start finding relief. She referred me to an amazing chiropractor that fit perfectly with my belief system and he was able to provide the exact services I needed. The MRI was clear! I do not have MS and the physical symptoms have been relieved, exactly like she told me. Thousands of dollars were spent on medical procedures ordered by doctors that proved unnecessary.Susette also helped my 2 month old baby nephew. He was having severe cramping, crying the majority of the day, and consequently not a happy baby. She was able to inform his mother, who was nursing him, of the foods she was eating that were causing his symptoms. She immediately eliminated these foods and my nephew is a totally different baby! He is continually smiling, laughing out loud, and is now a peaceful, happy baby! Other information she has given me has lead me to have a peacefulness around raising my two teenagers and around the soul of the baby I miscarried 8 years ago.My experiences with Susette have been absolutely remarkable!

Having worked with Susette for a number of years. I truly respect her and value her clear seeing gifts. Her insights and her interpretations of what she is seeing and feeling are a revelation. Accurate, deep reaching and so very trustworthy, Susette is a treasure in her profession. I really cannot recommend her enough, there just isn’t anyone like her.

Susette is amazing! I experience unexpected healing and new insights every time I see her. I went to Susette initially out of a combination of curiosity and a desire to heed my own intuition better. She has become an important teacher for me, always reminding me that I am in command of my own experience and offering me a variety of suggestions to deepen my understanding and guidance of that experience. I have a profound respect for Susette’s gift and her conscientious use of it. I also enjoy our time together immensely, from laughter to tears … but especially the belly laughs we have shared over certain discoveries!
Kelly M.

Meeting Susette for the first time was not only a synchronistic moment, it was as though we had been friends our entire lives. Her welcoming smile and joyous laughter allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed.Her insight has set me on a spiritual path toward healing and wholeness for my mind, body and spirit. I have a newfound sense of peace and joy. She has brought closure where I’ve needed it and awareness to my life that has enlightened me forever. I have recommended Susette to many of my friends and family. I encourage all who have an open mind and heart to use Susette’s services.
Therese =)

Susette’s abilities are truly amazing, and she gives the gift of her insights in a down-to-earth and very humble way! She is warm and loving and she offers her sessions/readings in a cozy, safe environment. A session with Susette is like a visti to your favorite auntie’s house, perfect for the first-time reading, those familiar with psychic readings, and the skeptic alike. Susette will blow you away. In my very first session she accurately predicted the arrival of the love of my life, telling me not only the color of his eyes and the direction from which he would be coming but even going so far as to describe the topic of our first conversation. Well, just as predicted we found each other and we have been happily in love ever since! I thank Susette for helping me be open to something so unexpected! Now, six months after that first reading, I am still witnessing her predictions come true! Susette has a way of helping you communicate with your higher self by simply using her hightened perceptions to receive the information coming from deep within and then tell you what you are telling her. A reading with Susette is truly like having a conversation with all the parts of you that know all you need to know. In just one session I receive precise information on how to improve my health, information on how to correct chronic imbalances that lead to disease, as well as guidance on decisions that affect both my personal and professional life. If a person is open to information on past lives, angels, extra-terrestrials, all you have to do is ask. Susette sees it all! Yet she leaves the content of the session up to you. Freedom and endless possibilities, what could be better than that?”

The most extraordinary aspect of my experience with Susette is the sheer practicality of what she has to offer. She offers spot-on guidance and insight, but that is far from all. From Susette, I receive practical tools that I use daily. I can say without hesitation that what I have learned from Susette Smith has enhanced and improved my life, both on the material plane and on a spiritual/emotional level.

Susette is a light in the world. Her down-to-earth style perfectly complements her immense intuitive gifts. Her sessions are as inspiring and encouraging as they are actionable and practical. And she shares it all with loving support and a healing energy of fun and joy. I always come away from our sessions feeling empowered and with a sense of the deeper meaning of the events of my life as opportunities for my conscious evolution. Working with Susette is a gift I give to my Self.
Deb Dominguez